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Is the work of all decorative concrete contractors the same? No. Because of it's growing popularity, many contractors are jumping in to make a buck at it, but all work is NOT the same in quality. In fact, pricing may very greatly- but this is not one of the home modifications you want to go the "cheap" route. Staining line patterns, runs, puddles, easily scratched surface, unleveled countertops, wavy score lines, and insufficient floor waxing(when applicable) may be the results of the "cheap" route. Still, many people see others work and think it's o-k-a-y, that is until they see a true professionals. The difference in our work and others is night and day. Working with decorative concrete is a learned craft.
What is a concrete counter like?
Concrete is an evolving substance; it will continue to developed a rich patina over the years. After several years, our concrete has a stone-like hardness and impermeability. The chemical process that makes concrete hard continues to make it harder yet for many years. Our concrete can be polished to resemble granite or can have the soft feel of soapstone.

Is the concrete sealed?
We apply a penetrating sealer, and wax if requested, and it is ready for use. All you need to do is clean it periodically

Will my concrete stain?
Try to protect against general fluid containments (blueberries, mustard, lemon juice, alcohol, coffee, etc.) We have seen our jobs age gracefully, but we still recommend you clean up after your parties.

How do I clean my concrete?
To clean concrete we suggest sponging with a non-ammoniated cleanser or mild anti-bacterial cleaner.

Can I cut on concrete?
We do not recommend the use of knives on concrete. Although cutting will not affect the function of the concrete, it will scratch the finish, and it will certainly dull the knife. Always cut on a chopping block. If desired, we can form a place to accept a custom chopping block.

What if the surface becomes scratched?
Should the surface of your concrete become abraded through rough use (from knives, scooting scratchy counter appliances, or sandpaper covered bowling balls), we provide a sealer that can help it restore its sheen. Epoxies generally last longer and are more durable than acrylic sealers, but the draw back is that they have a high build appearance (although some people still like the appearance of epoxies). We charge a reasonable fee for re-sealing countertops should it become necessary.

Can I put hot objects on concrete?
No No No. We suggest the use of "hot pads", or stainless steel trivets/rods inlayed into the concrete, although care should still be exercised.
Do concrete floors need any maintenance?
Treat them as you would any other flooring surface. Regular maintenance generally involves periodic dusting or damp mopping. Our floors do however, need less maintenance than the average applicator/contractor due to our superior methods and products. The amount of floor traffic will determine the frequency of maintenance. Usually, a regular mopping is more than sufficient for most residential applications.

Will my floors ever need to be resealed?
Under extreme circumstances, such as carelessly pushing around a piano on scratchy casters, heavy furniture on legs, etc., floors may scratch--and floors will need another coat of sealer, or to be buffed out by a mechanical rotary buffer. Although, any grade wood floor or linoleum is also susceptible to this extreme wear.
Concrete is a natural substance, and is one of mankind's oldest and most durable inventions. Concrete is hand-made and can be formed into just about any shape, in virtually any color, and in any texture. Creativity is concrete's only limitation; if you can dream it, we can make it.

Anything is possible with concrete. Unlimited color choices, unusual textures and terrazzo's. Our custom process even allows for the fabrication of shaped curves for counters, sinks, etc.

Concrete is pleasant to the touch & is harder than most stones. Depending on the project, we reinforce our products with several types of steel & fiberglass. We choose aggregates for their strength & strength building shape. We create durable yet beautiful concrete surfaces designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding lifestyle.

Hand Crafted Counters/sinks
No two pieces made by Austin Contemporary are alike. From the mixing of concrete, building of forms, addition of dyes and aggregate, acid staining, sealing-- every step is by hand.

Residential And Commercial
Whether it is a residential kitchen floor or a restaurant concrete bar we always strive to make beautiful, durable surfaces. Each of our creations is a unique expression of your individual taste and lifestyle.
Concrete is one of mankind's oldest technological innovations. The Romans were the first to take advantage of the inherent strengths of concrete. Concrete continues its development today. In Roman times concrete was considered an ideal building material, but was not considered sightly. The Romans took great pains to cover their concrete structures with stone facades. Thanks to over 2 millennia of developments, Austin Contemporary is helping to move concrete forward. Not only are our concrete products hard and durable, but they are also beautiful. We are proud to be part of the development of a substance that has played such an important witness to history.
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