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Contractor Awareness for Scored and Stained Concrete Floors Contractor awareness is crucial to the success of professional scored and acid stained concrete floors. Below is a guide to aid contractors/builders and homeowners in the completion of beautiful floors.
The character of each acid stained concrete floor is unique. No two jobs are exactly the same. Your project acquires its own unique patina, character, color, and personality. Colors may not be exactly replicated from job to job. Every slab has unique conditions that will make absorption and stain reaction in areas unpredictable to an extent. These unique characteristics are developed in part by: concrete mix, weather conditions, finishing techniques, curing compounds (retarders/accelerators), trowel marks, burn marks, variance of texture, grinding, sanding, salt finishes, stamping, imprinting, sandblasting, porosity, fractures, cracks, voids, stains, blemishes, scoring, grids, patterns/designs, colors and finishes. We do not pour foundations; we work on the given slab. On interior applications, to achieve a marble-like finish, the slab must be slick, hard, power troweled (burn slab) by the concrete finishers. Pay particular attention to hand finishing areas around plumbing, electrical floor plugs, risers and steps. The exterior can be finished for a slip resistant finish. I.e. salt finish, sweat finish, broom finish, stamped, etc. Consistency is the key to a beautiful job. We need complete access to the areas we will be working on and will need to keep people off the wet floors while performing the stages of our work. Concrete is a porous material similar to wood and is susceptible to staining. Do not write on bare slab with anything except pencil. Some substances can penetrate the slab and stain it, i.e. red chalk, permanent marker, crayon, adhesives, paint, flux, caulk, PVC primer/cleaner, PVC adhesive, food, grease, beverages (coffee, soda, etc.), metal nails/rust. Lumber, plywood, insulation board, and plastic left on slab can draw moisture from slab and transfer resins/tannins or water stains on slabs. Framers leaking compressors, dirty hoses, and oily nail guns can stain the slab - remember to be careful! Framers need to cut floor plates before erecting walls, or as soon as possible after erection. Be careful to not cut into slab. Keep scored/stained concrete area clean and warn all subcontractors that the slab will be the finished floor! Do not cover the floor before stain and prefinish. Coverings can stain/leach product into an unfinished slab. Stain and prefinish the floor after framing and before any mechanical trades. Floors must be completely protected during sheet rock, mud work, primer, paint, stain, or lacquer stages. If tape is used to tape 30# felt, craft paper, 6 mil plastic directly to the slab, use "blue tape" (clean release), but no longer than time labeled on tape, i.e. 45 day tape, 14 day tape. HAVE PAINTERS PAY ATTENTION TO FLOORS! Due to the nature of our work some things will occur no matter how much caution is practiced. Therefore when even quality protection products are used correctly, "touch up", in all likelihood, will still be required and is acceptable in reasonable situations.


Scoring is cut in the slab after framers chalk off the walls (both sides) with blue or black chalk (no red chalk) and before framing or immediately after framing. We need 110v power on a 20-amp breaker. We will cut straight line shallow/deep scoring of grids, radius cuts, diamond pattern cuts, numerous other patterns, borders, Texas stars, compass roses, etc. We welcome your design ideas!


Stain/prefinish is done immediately after dry in, before any mechanical trades, insulation, drywall, or masonry work. We need 110v power and clean water on site. The floor is degreased/cleaned appropriately. We use a wide range of colors achieved with acid stains with Kemiko, Increte, Artcrete and other vendors. The colors are applied in various manners to achieve various tones, using single or multiple colors either individual or layered, or intricate multi colored patterns and artistic staining. The prefinish consist of one or more coats of sealer as specified. If grout is used, it is done at this stage. Floor protection should begin 48 hours after this stage.


Final finish consist of resealing or "resetting" if necessary as deemed by job conditions/sealer used and buffing the floor sealer to a smooth texture and proceeding with multiple coat high gloss wax application. Final finish is performed after all trades are completely finished (i.e. painters, carpet installers, clean up crews). This is the most economical, time effective, and least wasteful way to complete the job. Any paint, stain, texture, over spray, mud, trash and boxes should be removed from the floor prior to our arrival. We are not responsible for other subs that spill lacquers, paints, or chemicals or excessively mar the floors by careless behavior. If repairing is necessary, additional work will be approved by the responsible party before work is done and charges are incurred. We are not a cleaning crew and will assess additional charges for cleaning up at final finish.

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