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The beauty of concrete floors can be seen everywhere, from residences and retail stores to design magazines and popular television shows. When seen, our quality finished concrete floors usually sell themselves. Each concrete floor is unique, often customized with the input of the owner. There is no limit in color or design. Our acid stained concrete floors compare in price favorably to wood, ceramic, carpet, or quarry tile floors. In most cases, elaborate concrete floors are more cost effective than terrazzo, marble, and slate. Concrete flooring is ideal for the warm weather of the southern regions of the United States, often making it a central component of passive solar home designs. In the summer, the earth touching the concrete cools the home. In the winter, the concrete slab's thermal mass absorbs the heat of the sun during the day and releases the stored heat steadily at night. Concrete is also logical alternative to carpet for people who are allergic to animal dander, pollen spores and dust mites.

There is an incredible difference in the quality of our floors compared to do-it-yourselfers or other contractors. We build up colors in up to five layers of color, using single or multiple colors either individual or layered, or intricate multi colored patterns and artistic staining techniques. Many "cheap contractors" do no more than one thin coat of seal, and no wax if applicable. We offer many quality sealer options for your home or business. As concrete artisans, we can take the available room dimensions, desired border sizes, and any other design considerations into account to produce a totally unique surface.

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